Decode the glyphs of Fringe with this handy online decoder/encoder.


Click on the glyphs to move them to the bottom area. Then press the "decode" button to decode the selected glyphs.

Click the large left arrow next to the decode button to delete a glyph from the bottom area. You can also press "delete" or "backspace" on your keyboard.


Type something on the keyboard and the the appropriate glyphs will move to the bottom area.

Mini FAQ

What is this? I don't get it.
The TV show Fringe flashes up glyphs right before most of the commercial breaks. These glyphs all represent different letters and together the glyphs shown in an episode will spell out a word that is related to that episode in some way.
What do the red question marks mean?
Those are glyphs that never appeared in the show (the letters X and Z). No one knows what they actually are (or if the letters were ever even assigned a glyph), so what is shown is someone's educated guess.
Who wrote this? Where should I send my lavish praise, bug reports and/or hate mail?
David Caldwell <>
Why not decode the glyphs immediately?
Because I didn't like the fact that I could often guess the glyph word before the end of the episode. This way I can keep track of the glyphs but only get the decoded word at the end. If you don't want to wait you can click "decode" at any time. It's up to you.
Click the glyphs to begin decoding.
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